Kami Menyediakan remote unlock code untuk blackberry

Berikut adalah langkah-langkah yang harus dilakukan untuk mempermudah mendapatkan unlock code

  1. Download MEP Reader / BlackBerry Logger for windows here
  2. Connect your Blackberry to computer using original USB cable
  3. Start Blackberry Logger and click Read Blackberry Handset Info
  4. You will see your IMEI and MEP Data displayed
  5. Email us the MEP-XXXXX-XXX and IMEI to

Today we released a nice friendly MEP reader for MAC users

  1. Download the MEP-Reader MAC OS X version here
  2. Connect the Blackberry phone to computer using the original USB cable
  3. Start the Blackberry Logger
  4. Click “Read Blackberry Handset Info”
  5. Compatible with MAC OS X
  6. Email us the MEP-XXXXX-XXX and IMEI to

Supported MEP ID

MEP-12579-001 MEP-11414-001 MEP-10129-004
MEP-11139-001 MEP-06423-001 MEP-19322-003
MEP-06424-001 MEP-04598-005 MEP-11534-007
MEP-11139-004 MEP-11534-002 MEP-17568-002
MEP-11139-006 MEP-06259-003 MEP-07723-003
MEP-11139-003 MEP-08209-001 MEP-09625-001
MEP-11139-002 MEP-07754-001 MEP-04103-004
MEP-04104-003 MEP-09938-001 MEP-12907-002
MEP-11139-005 MEP-06068-002 MEP-20454-001
MEP-05277-001 MEP-06424-002 MEP-09292-002
MEP-14260-001 MEP-09293-001 MEP-07484-006
MEP-06899-001 MEP-08448-002 MEP-20099-002
MEP-06814-002 MEP-10129-003 MEP-14896-004
MEP-06893-001 MEP-08881-001 MEP-20669-001
MEP-04598-004 MEP-08882-001 MEP-13188-002
MEP-10129-001 MEP-15343-001 MEP-19877-001
MEP-06811-003 MEP-07321-002 MEP-08209-003
MEP-06810-002 MEP-09690-001 MEP-07484-007
MEP-06530-002 MEP-11534-004 MEP-15159-002
MEP-06530-001 MEP-14052-001 MEP-20099-004
MEP-06813-001 MEP-09149-001 MEP-21545-001
MEP-12579-002 MEP-12209-003 MEP-14896-005
MEP-07705-002 MEP-07484-003 MEP-20166-001
MEP-06259-002 MEP-06041-006 MEP-18601-001
MEP-08318-001 MEP-12209-004 MEP-13928-002
MEP-08395-001 MEP-09667-001 MEP-22793-001
MEP-13988-001 MEP-04103-002 MEP-14074-002
MEP-09004-001 MEP-07484-004 MEP-20099-009
MEP-08448-001 MEP-14896-001 MEP-23361-001
MEP-12186-001 MEP-09783-003 MEP-09821-002
MEP-13928-001 MEP-04626-001 MEP-11534-008
MEP-06041-003 MEP-12599-003 MEP-24124-001
MEP-06068-001 MEP-06041-005 MEP-13188-006
MEP-06041-001 MEP-07723-001 MEP-07723-004
MEP-07484-002 MEP-14260-002 MEP-24723-002
MEP-08209-002 MEP-04104-006 MEP-24723-001
MEP-09747-001 MEP-12565-001 MEP-10129-005
MEP-04104-005 MEP-04626-002 MEP-16272-003
MEP-07722-003 MEP-15159-001 MEP-24667-001
MEP-04546-001 MEP-05277-004 MEP-24660-001
MEP-07722-001 MEP-12488-001 MEP-12209-006
MEP-04938-002 MEP-08589-001 MEP-24409-002
MEP-04938-001 MEP-09917-001 MEP-13188-007
MEP-09783-002 MEP-06849-002 MEP-07723-005
MEP-09821-001 MEP-16352-001 MEP-12209-007
MEP-07722-002 MEP-14896-002 MEP-26594-001
MEP-07484-001 MEP-09070-001 MEP-14052-002
MEP-06849-001 MEP-16472-001 MEP-26900-003
MEP-06529-001 MEP-04104-007 MEP-05277-005
MEP-06529-002 MEP-07705-003 MEP-06041-009
MEP-04103-001 MEP-05277-002 MEP-13188-010
MEP-11246-001 MEP-06812-001 MEP-12209-008
MEP-14150-001 MEP-04598-003 MEP-27488-001
MEP-06813-002 MEP-12980-002 MEP-28364-001
MEP-15326-001 MEP-12980-001 MEP-16272-005
MEP-15326-002 MEP-16419-001 MEP-09292-003
MEP-14074-001 MEP-16272-002 MEP-28240-002
MEP-10073-001 MEP-06041-007 MEP-09292-001
MEP-06812-003 MEP-04104-004 MEP-28555-001
MEP-06899-002 MEP-17232-001 MEP-09292-004
MEP-08918-001 MEP-13990-001 MEP-13188-008
MEP-11016-001 MEP-11534-005 MEP-27501-003
MEP-12978-001 MEP-14896-003 MEP-14074-003
MEP-12622-002 MEP-17490-001 MEP-11246-002
MEP-11414-002 MEP-16826-001 MEP-29318-001
MEP-10129-002 MEP-06041-008
MEP-06814-004 MEP-11534-006
MEP-06814-001 MEP-06041-004
MEP-13188-001 MEP-07484-005
MEP-13710-001 MEP-18637-001

How to enter codes in BlackBerry Generally
1. Insert any sim card
2. Turn off all of the wireless connections
3. Go to Options
4. Select Advanced Options
5. Select SIM Card
6. Hit menu select show keyboard (where needed)
7. Type MEPPD or MEPD (you will not be able to see the typed info)
8. Enter MEP2 or MEPP2
9. Now it will say enter network mep code


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